Where is the Difference Between Brushless DC Motor and Brush Motor?
Where is the Difference Between Brushless DC Motor and Brush Motor?
Apr 29, 2019
  • DC brushless motor is through the process of electronic commutation, and brushless machine is through the process of brush commutation, so brushless machine noise, low life, as usual brushless machine life in 600 hours as follows, brushless machine life abnormality is determined by bearing life, will span 5000 hours.

  • The brush of electromechanical brush often switches on electromagnetic interference to other electronic devices.

  • Speed control, DC brushless motor through voltage speed regulation, analogy is simple and convenient, but when the speed ratio is low will be limited; DC brushless motor can also be through voltage speed regulation, but also can be used PWM speed regulation method to facilitate speed control at low speed.

  • Energy and speed, mainly depends on the mechanical and electrical parameters of the plan, but the brushes can be converted in a very high power situation, because the arc occurs too large, so that ordinary power will not be too large, I know in the 5P, brushless mechanical and electrical can achieve great power; brush mechanical and electrical will not have very high speed. As the brushes wear out quickly and clearly, the brushless machine may reach a speed of 80,000 rpm/min.

  • Of course, a brushless machine has the advantage of being expensive and easy to operate; a brushless machine is usually much more expensive than an amateur in terms of control. With the continuous maturity of brushless electromechanical control techniques, lower cost of electronic components and people's moral requirements for product improvement and energy-saving emission reduction pressure, more and more brushless electromechanical and AC electromechanical will be replaced by brushless DC electromechanical.

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