Selection and Maintenance of Planetary Gear Reducer
Selection and Maintenance of Planetary Gear Reducer
Mar 16, 2019
  • Planetary gear reducer is also known as planetary reducer, servo reducer. In the family of reducers, planetary reducers are widely used in servo motors, stepper motors, DC motors and other transmission systems for their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide range of deceleration, high precision and many other advantages. It is mainly used to reduce the rotational speed, increase torque and reduce the load/motor inertia ratio on the premise of ensuring the precision transmission.

How to choose planetary reducer?

  • 1. The planetary gear reducer is the main type of reducer matching the servo motor. In selecting the planetary gear reducer, the reduction ratio of the reducer should be determined first. If the standard reducer does not have the reduction ratio you need, you can customize the reducer to our company.

  • 2. After determining the deceleration ratio, multiply the rated torque of the servo motor you choose by the deceleration ratio, and get a value that is in principle smaller than the rated output torque of the similar reducer provided in the catalogue. At the same time, the overload capacity of the driving motor and the actual required working torque should be considered. Attention should be paid to 2 bits of rated output torque. After satisfying the above conditions, please choose a smaller reducer, smaller reducer cost is relatively low.

  • 3. the smaller the backhaul clearance, the higher the accuracy and the higher the cost. Users should choose a reducer that meets their accuracy requirements. The lateral / radial forces and average life expectancy of the filter are also examined. The reducer with large lateral / radial force has high reliability in installation and operation and is not easy to cause problems. The average life expectancy of the servo motor is much longer than that of the servomotor.

  • In the long-term operation of the reducer, there are three kinds of oil leakage phenomena: oil seal leakage, seal cover pop-up and air leakage. There are three main parts of the oil leakage, one is the leakage of the gap between the low-speed shaft extension end and the bearing cover shaft hole, the other is the leakage of the gap between the high-speed shaft extension end and the bearing cover shaft hole, and the other is the leakage of the box joint surface.

The measures we can take are:

  • 1. choose regular manufacturer's oil seal products.

  • 2. adopt correct assembly mode and special oil package assembly. When assembling planetary gear reducer, we should pay attention to the correct way of applying force, select the appropriate size of the pad, and uniformly apply pressure in the diagonal direction. At the same time, we should pay attention to ensure the level of oil seal to ensure the effectiveness of the seal. In the selection of tooling, we should pay attention to the contact position between the tooling and the oil seal, and the diameter should be reasonable.

  • 3. in the process of testing, use the special pneumatic torque wrench to tighten the bolts.

  • 4. strengthen the seal design of parts.

  • Selection and maintenance of planetary gear reducer is very important. In the process of using planetary gear reducer, it needs to be cleaned and maintained in time, so as to be able to use longer, and to have fewer failures in the service life of planetary gear reducer.

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