How to Choose Brushless DC Motor?
Jan 30, 2019
  • How do I choose a brushless DC motor suitable for me?

    Let's look at one example: A few days ago, a customer sent such technical
    requirements: Yesterday, the boss changed the parameters.

We need to make a transport car:

  • 1.High speed Vmax > 7.2km/h
  • 2.The maximum gradient is 10% (0.9km/h)
  • 3.Acceleration time: less than 12 S (0-7.2 km/h)
  • 4.Full load mass (kg):600 kg
  • 5.Wheel diameter: 100mm

What is your matching motor drive and reducer?

  • These are more complex calculation methods. The power of the brushless DC motor that the customer needs to choose is 70W calculated by himself, and the power calculated by us is about 100w. We suggest that the customer choose 120W brushless DC motor. This is our choice according to the experience of DC brushless DC motor for AGV car industry. Yes. Leaving more power margin for practical application is a basic principle for us to choose the motor, so that even in practical use, beyond the design limit, the DC brushless motor can meet the requirements. This is chosen from the angle of protecting brushless DC motor and design experience.

  • There is no perfect motor, only perfect match.

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