What is Brushless DC Motor?
Apr 5, 2019
  • Our company is a company engaged in Brushless DC motor. Brushless DC motor consists of motor driver and actuator. It is a typical electromechanical integration product. It is a brushless motor without brush and commutator (or collector) motor, also known as commutator motor. As early as in the last century when the motor was born, the motor is a brushless form, that is, AC squirrel cage induction motor, this motor has been widely used. However, induction motors have many defects which can not be overcome, which makes motor technology develop slowly. In the midst of the birth of transistors in this century, and transistor switching circuit instead of DC brush and commutator brushless DC motor came into being. The new brushless motor is called the electronic commutating DC motor, which overcomes the defects of the first generation brushless motor.

  • Brushless DC motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Is it a real DC motor? The difference between brushless DC motor and brushless DC motor is that no machine uses brushless DC motor brush device, and permanent magnet synchronous motor replaces carbon brush commutator with Hall sensor Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material as rotor performance. Compared with traditional DC motor, it has a great advantage of square wave and is an ideal speed-regulating motor. The essence of brushless DC motor is the use of DC power input, and inverter into three-phase AC power, with position feedback, permanent magnet synchronous motor.

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