What are the Classification of DC Motors?
Feb 2, 2019
  • DC motor is very common in life, it is a kind of rotating motor which can convert DC electric energy into mechanical energy. The structure of DC motor is very simple. It is a kind of DC motor. It is composed of stator and rotor. DC motor is divided into three types: permanent magnet, self excitation and self excitation. The working principle of the DC motor is very simple, that is, the alternating electromotive force in the coil is changed into the direct current electromotive force through the action of the commutator. DC motor is a simple motor. DC motor has the advantages of good speed regulation performance, high starting power, low noise and low energy consumption. It is widely used in daily life and is widely used.

  • DC motor can be divided into brushless DC motor and brushless DC motor, brushless and brushless difference in the stator and rotor power mode, DC brushless motor stator is coil power, and brushless motor rotor is coil power. Generally speaking, the energy conversion efficiency of brushless DC motor is higher than that of brushless DC motor, and the life of brushless DC motor is longer than that of brushless DC motor, because the brush of brushless DC motor is worn by friction and needs to be replaced frequently. Brushless DC motor is the development direction of motor in the future.

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