The Importance of Reasonable Lubrication for Planetary Gear Reducer
The Importance of Reasonable Lubrication for Planetary Gear Reducer
Mar 5, 2019

The main function of lubrication is to form oil film between the contact surfaces of various parts of the reducer, reduce the friction between the contact surfaces, and take away the heat generated in the transmission, so that the temperature of the parts will not be too high, absorb shock and vibration, reduce noise and discharge impurities.

The choice of lubricating oil for planetary gear reducer depends on the working speed, load and ambient temperature of the reducer. The important parameter of choosing lubricating oil is the viscosity of the oil.

1. Horizontal cycloid reducer is lubricated by oil pool under normal conditions. The oil level can be kept in the middle of the window. Circulating lubrication can be used when the working conditions are bad and the ambient temperature is high.

2. Cycloidal pin wheel reducer is lubricated by 40 # or 50 # mechanical oil at normal temperature. In order to improve the performance of the reducer and prolong the service life of the reducer, 70 # or 90 # extreme pressure gear oil is recommended. Lubricating oil should also be reconsidered when working at high and low temperature.

3. Vertical installation of planetary cycloid pin wheel reducer to strictly prevent oil pump breakage to avoid damage to the reducer components.

With the wide application of planetary reducer in construction machinery, lifting transportation, smelting, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, instrumentation, automobile, ship, aerospace and many other fields, the working conditions of planetary reducer have attracted the attention of users. Most of its working conditions are very bad, and lubricating oil problems often arise in operation. Some faults.

1. internal structure design of reducer is not standard.

In the structure of the reducer, because the cover plate on the inspection hole is too thin, local deformation after tightening the screw is easy to occur and contact crevice leads to leakage of oil. In the manufacturing process, the casting is not annealed and deformation occurs, resulting in leakage of oil, but also because there is no design return tank on the box, when too much. When the lubricating oil accumulates at the end cover and the structural joint surface of the reducer box, the differential pressure causes the lubricating oil to leak out from the joint clearance.

Leakage of oil in the box causes environmental pollution.

In the reducer, oil leakage may occur due to damage of oil seal, damage of seal gasket, loosening of oil plug or breakage of oil mark, or excessive oil volume, excessive oil level or multiple cold start, resulting in bubbling of lubricating oil, resulting in a large amount of oil leakage at the air plug and serious environmental pollution.

The oil temperature is too high to cause device damage.

During the operation of the reducer, the temperature of the internal lubricating oil of the reducer rises rapidly due to the insufficient lubricating oil or the overloaded operation of the equipment, which causes the local damage of the internal parts of the reducer. Some devices have not been eliminated due to internal stress, when the thermal deformation caused by the reduction of precision, some devices at high temperature material strength reduction caused damage. In addition, some of the speed reducers with inflexible operation and serious loss of power during operation, when foreign bodies invade, the transmission may be stuck, uneven operation or abnormal vibration and other phenomena.

The unreasonable lubrication of reducer is an important cause of gear and bearing failure. The failure of domestic reducer due to unreasonable lubrication accounts for about 25% of the total failure accidents. Good lubrication is the prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the reducer, reducer manufacturers, main engine factories, users should pay great attention to this.

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