The Effect of PID Control in Brushless DC Motor
The Effect of PID Control in Brushless DC Motor
Feb 18, 2019
  • Brushless DC motor not only has a series of advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance of AC motor, but also has many advantages such as high operating efficiency, non-excitation loss and good speed regulation performance of DC motor. Therefore, its application scope and its wide range, covering national defense, aerospace, medical equipment, household appliances, machinery and so on. In all fields, photoelectric location tracking system is one of its important applications.

  • The traditional PID control is widely used in the control system because of its good real-time performance and easy realization. As long as the parameters are set correctly, the PID controller can realize its function. However, the given position signal of the photoelectric position tracking system is generally fuzzy and uncertain, and the nonlinear and system parameters of the controlled motor are usually added. Fuzzy and uncertain, coupled with the non-linearity of the controlled motor and the time-varying parameters of the system, the PID control effect will be difficult to achieve the desired goal. Fuzzy control has strong adaptability to the nonlinear and time-varying of the control object. It has good flexibility and robustness, and is easy to control. It is widely used in the field of motor control. But it is difficult to completely eliminate the steady-state error of the system by fuzzy control, and the control precision is not ideal under normal circumstances.

  • The simulation results show that the fuzzy controller takes the system deviation and the rate of deviation change as the input and has the similar function as the conventional proportional-differential. It can obtain good dynamic characteristics, but its stability can not achieve satisfactory results. The proportional part of the PID controller can speed up the dynamic response, the integral part can eliminate the static error, the differential part can speed up the system response, reduce the overshoot, and the fuzzy PID controller combines the advantages of good dynamic performance of fuzzy control with the advantages of high steady-state precision of PID control, thus effectively improving the control of the servo system. The performance and adaptability to disturbance and parameter variation can not only ensure the accuracy and stability of the system motion control, but also shorten the dynamic adjustment time, and achieve better control effect on the DC brushless motor.

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