Matters Needing Attention in Selection of Planetary Gear Reducer
Matters Needing Attention in Selection of Planetary Gear Reducer
Mar 15, 2019
  • Reducer plays a key role in the national economy, it is used between servo motor, stepper motor and load, by reducing the speed to improve torque, matching inertia. Although planetary reducers are expensive, they are more and more widely used because of their high precision and maintenance-free. They are suitable for screen printing equipment, cutting and welding equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, industrial manipulators, semiconductor equipment, lithium-ion equipment, medical equipment, testing machines and various non-standard equipment. In automatic machine equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of planetary gears in use and how to choose the type.

The advantages of planetary gear reducer are:

1. small volume

2. high accuracy, the general gap can achieve 10 arcs below, 1 turns 360 degrees, 1 degrees have 60 arc points.

3. high efficiency and efficiency above 95%.

4. high output torque

5. smooth running and low noise, usually under 65 dB.

Some customers start with planetary gear reducer, will not calculate torque, inertia, which will lead to a lot of unnecessary trouble, so the preliminary selection is necessary, large waste, choose small easy to damage, how on earth can choose? What is the structure of your load? Is it a ball screw, rack or belt drive? All these need to be calculated and practiced. Below, Demark motor Xiaobian explains how to choose planetary gear reducer.

1.The planetary gear reducer should be selected to match the flange of motor installation. The motors are classified according to the flange installation. For example, the servo motors are divided into 40 series, 60 series, 80 series, 110 series, 130 series, 150 series, 180 series and so on; the stepping motors are divided into 42 series, 57 series, 86 series, 110 series, 130 series and so on. The planetary reducer is also based on the installation of flanges to determine the model, so the 400W60 series servo motor or 57 stepper motor is generally equipped with 60 series planetary gear reducer; 750W80 series servo motor or 86 stepper motor are generally equipped with 80 series planetary reducer.

2.Determine the reduction ratio: the specific reduction ratio is determined by the equipment manufacturer according to its own equipment requirements. At present, planetary gear reducer is generally divided into three stages, but there are only two manufacturers, one reducer is generally below 20; two reducers between 20-100, three reducers above 100, the higher the series, the more expensive the price, the greater the clearance.

3.Determine the input and output form of reducer: input, hole input and shaft input; output, shaft output, hole output, flange output, etc.

4.Shape of reducer: There are circular reducer, there are also square reducer, because the rated output torque of square is larger than circular, and the manufacturing process is more complex than circular and other reasons, square reducer than circular expensive.

In addition, if you still don't know how to choose the type, directly tell the reducer manufacturer you need the type of motor, the required reduction ratio, input and output form, the need for a round or square? Are there any requirements for the reducer output terminals? Reducer manufacturers will help you select, if there is no special requirement, do according to the manufacturer's standards.

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