Importance of Energy Saving for Brushless DC Motor
Apr 10, 2019

Nowadays, every industry is promoting energy-saving, brushless DC motor is also very important, Brushless DC motor energy-saving ways are as follows:

  • First, the energy-saving technology of brushless DC motor is to change the traditional brushless DC motor into stepping servo motor. Servo motor is a kind of intelligent motor with high precision and fast response speed, but it is a kind of intelligent motor with high cost and high energy consumption. BLDCM adopts the function of closed-loop system and servo motor, and the integration of BLDCM and motor driver has fundamentally changed the original shortcomings of BLDCM, but also reduced the installation space, lower cost compared to servo motor, because of its technology in the process of energy conversion than traditional electricity. The machine costs less. It can be seen from the power consumption test that the average energy-saving rate of the non-energy-saving DC brushless motor can be achieved above. After the transformation, the accuracy of the mechanical equipment is improved, the mechanical operation of noise and temperature process is reduced, and the service life of the machine is increased.

  • Second, different manufacturers of machinery and equipment are looking for more effective energy-saving measures, although the way before the transformation to a certain extent is the same, but there are other drawbacks, such as brushless DC motor industry automation manufacturers transformation has brought new power.

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