Development Trend and Technology Trend of Linear Motors at Home and Abroad
Development Trend and Technology Trend of Linear Motors at Home and Abroad
Apr 20, 2019

Linear motor drive. The machining center produces cylinder head, which is equivalent to the production of machining centers driven by non linear motors.

At present, almost all the world's largest machine tool manufacturers have introduced linear motor driven machine tools, covering the majority of machine tools.

Since then, China has carried out research on the application of linear motor in machine tools, such as the development of feeding unit of high-speed CNC machine tool driven by linear induction motor in Guangdong University of Technology, the study of long-range permanent ceramic linear servo unit in Qinghua, the research on linear motor driven grinder machining center of Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Research, and the cylinder linear motor driven by Zhejiang Province. Development of parallel mechanism coordinate measuring machine and edge-pingyong magnetic linear motor drive in university, research and development of national defense science and technology driven by linear motor of piston type, non-circular cutting tool and machine tool developed by EDM Machine Tool Research Institute in Beijing, China Southern Airlines cooperated with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics R & D and other related units. In addition, some enterprises such as Hangzhou Machine Tool Group, Jiangsu Duoliang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Ltd., Jinan Jiemai CNC Shenzhen Dazu Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing four enterprises are also in the surface grinder, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, engraving and milling machine, machining center and so on using linear motor technology. The operation is different. Good result.

In the field of machine tools

The application of linear motor and its drive control technology is becoming more and more mature.

The application of linear motor and its drive control technology has become more and more complex, and the traditional transmission has incomparable superior performance. With the improvement of motor manufacturing technology, the machine tool with high performance and high reliability can be produced by choosing suitable linear motor and drive control system and adopting reasonable mechanical design. Now linear motor drive feed speed meter minutes, gram, gram machine acceleration has been very common, existing machine tools to achieve fast forward meter minutes, gram (Japan Index Accelerated Laser Cutting Machine).

High-speed linear motor drive is widely used in machining centers, CNC milling machines, lathes, grinders, composite machining machines, laser machines, heavy machines.

Linear motor driven machine is still very high, especially the priority, but the price has been continuous in recent years.

The cost of linear motor system continues to decline in the cost of machine tools, and the proportion decreases significantly. But at present, the linear motor drive is still higher than the traditional transmission price. Therefore, the application of linear motor is still focused on high-performance machine tools, especially high-speed machine tools, special processing machine tools, large machine tools, to solve the traditional transmission methods can not solve the problem.

Linear motor technology is more and more developed in machine tools.

The application of linear motor on machine tools is not the same. It is understood that the German company has adopted a linear motor in the model, annual output reached the platform (about a number of linear motor drive shaft), the total production accounting. Links, Italy, the position of the company's products accounted for the company's total output (large gantry machining center and gantry milling machine), and become the main source of profits. Some experts predict that there will be CNC machine tools using linear motor feed drive, and these machine tools, so the industry's prospects are self-evident.

Although the application of linear motor in machine tools is promising, there are still some problems to be solved and improved, so as to promote its application.

High speed and high precision equipment driven by linear motor

In addition to the development of linear motor machine tools in the field of high-speed, high-precision, but also in other areas of development, such as some high-precision process control systems, requirements for testing systems, linear servo drive systems.

The United States, Japan, Germany, the United States Kingdom and dozens of other companies around the world produce high-speed, high-precision linear servo motor equipment. Varieties and quantities are increasing, and the performance is getting better and better.

Great development of thrust, large capacity

In recent years, in addition to high-speed linear motors, in the rapid development of high precision than large thrust, large capacity development is faster. Its application areas, such as: in Canada, Japan, the United States, Malaysia and other applications of linear motor urban rail transit (subway, light rail), is now developing rapidly, especially in Japan and China. The advantages of linear motor in urban rail transit are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The same ability to reduce vehicle height, reduce tunnel area, reduce cost and save land;

The climbing ability is strong, the turning radius is small, the construction is reduced, the cost is reduced, and the route selection and transfer are convenient.

Non contact force, energy saving and low noise.

Train speed, high speed and high efficiency;

The maintenance is small and the running cost is low.

Compared with the traditional subway, the overall construction mode is basically unchanged, except for the change of the locomotive at the bottom.

Long term safe operation record. Vancouver air trains transport hundreds of millions of passengers in the year and run more than 100 million kilometers.

Since March, Japan has used linear induction motors to drive the Osaka Metro Line in Tokyo. Linear motors to drive the Metro Line in Kobe, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Sendai and other cities have also been introduced. Guangzhou subway lines, lines, lines, lines, some have been used, and some will be used. The commissioning of the linear motor's domestic Zhejiang University and Shanghai Nanyang automobile driving metro group cooperation.

Except for the application of linear motors in Metro and light rail in the field of high thrust and large capacity development, part of the application in maglev traffic is infectious. At present, some are still moving forward, such as Japan, Germany, the United States and other ways of research and development in different ways, and promote the use. Shanghai Hangzhou maglev line is still working in China.

The development of linear motor with high thrust and large capacity is also reflected in large-scale equipment such as pumping unit. It is driven by linear motor pumping unit with the same amount of oil than time, and saves energy. In addition, large thrust, large capacity linear motor is still large chemical equipment, construction equipment and other large industrial and civilian equipment in the application, the effect is obvious.

Large logistics equipment in modern production process

With the development of logistics technology, it has been raised to an unprecedented height, and the advanced logistics equipment will directly affect the development of logistics technology. Modern logistics industry is a prominent feature of modern advanced technology, automation technology, information technology and other high-tech applications represented. The ratio of developed logistics equipment to total investment is generally above, so that logistics equipment continues to improve the development of logistics, drive by linear motor is a modern advanced logistics transmission technology and trend of an application. In some developed countries (such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, etc.) in the field of transportation, such as airport baggage transportation, postal automation, sorting book distribution center, factory assembly line system, etc., has been basically automated. These equipments generally adopt the international level linear motor as the driving system to meet the demand of flexible multi-batch arrangement, which represents the development level of world logistics transmission technology.

Linear motor has unique advantages in transportation and handling of various raw materials. It is mainly embodied in simple structure, reliable operation, low cost, high efficiency and high intelligence. In vertical transmission, such as linear motor elevator, now elevator; plane transmission, such as postal package sorting baggage sorting various transmission lines, transmission lines, steel production lines, electronic appliances, mechanical processing, food processing lines, pharmaceutical and other industrial production, a variety of shopping malls, and testing lines; hospital and other materials transmission, processing and testing lines. Warehouse loading and unloading, garage handling and scheduling, rather than upgrading.

Linear induction motor technology is developing to large capacity (such as transportation, logistics, etc.).

High precision development of linear permanent magnet synchronous motor (such as machine tools, industrial automation, etc.);

Linear permanent magnet motor technology has developed rapidly.

Linear servo motor technology will have great development; Linear oscillatory motor and non-electromagnetic linear motor technology development.

Development trend of motor control technology

The control of linear induction motor is still based on vector control.

The development of direct torque control technology for linear permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Sensorless technology has attracted more and more attention.

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